Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of services does Kraematon Investment Advisors provide?

·Rollover Management – Deciding what to do with your retirement savings requires careful consideration of many factors.  The decisions you make today can have a significant impact on the amount of money you will have after retirement.  We help our clients understand their options, evaluate the tax consequences of each alternative and take the necessary steps to implement a strategic plan. 

·Tax Planning – Our services help our clients take full advantage of tax savings opportunities to help minimize or defer exposure.  Our tax specialists also stay abreast of proposed tax laws so our clients can prepare for future changes.

·Retirement Planning – We provide both short and long-term retirement planning advice for clients seeking financial security after retirement.  Our retirement specialists will evaluate and assess all existing retirement accounts – pensions, IRAs, SEPs, annuities – and make recommendations to create a steady income stream during retirement and meet required minimum distribution rules.

·Major Purchase Planning – We can help you learn how to set financial goals, determine how much you need to save, and identify appropriate investment strategies to help make your goals a reality.

Q: What differentiates Kraematon from banks, brokerage firms, or other financial advisory firms?

 ·Experience: Principals have more than 68 years of combined investment experience

 ·Knowledge: Principals giving advice hold either the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or the Certified Financial PlannerTM certification.

 ·Trust: Each of our staff is trained according to the highest standards and principles and committed to high ethics and integrity.  

 ·Customer Service: Care is given to provide personal attention to each investor and to ensure complete understanding of your investment goals.  We conduct periodic portfolio reviews and maintain ongoing communication to keep each client informed and involved.

Q: How do I receive an initial portfolio review and what is the cost?

A: Contact Kraematon Investment Advisors at (781) 431-9425 or email  There is no cost for an initial portfolio review.

Q: How and when are Kraematon Investment Advisors paid?

A: Kraematon Investment Advisors is a fee based Investment Advisor, meaning we do not receive commissions or any other transactional or sales based compensation.  The investment management fee ranges between .5% and 1% depending on the amount of assets managed.  The fee is deducted from your account on a quarterly basis.

Q: Where does Kraematon Investment Advisors custody their client’s assets?

A: Fidelity Investments

Q: Does Kraematon Investment Advisors invest in other fund families besides Fidelity?

A: Yes, a typical account will only have approximately 30% in Fidelity mutual funds

Q: How often does Kraematon Investment Advisors review an investment portfolio?

A:  The stock portion of the portfolio is managed on a continuous basis.  Mutual funds are reviewed at a minimum of once a month and often times more than that.  The following mutual fund factors are reviewed: screening performance versus respective peer group for year-to-date, 1 year, 3 year, and 5 years, manager changes, size of fund, risk to return ratios: alpha & sharpe.

Q: How often will I have a portfolio review with Kraematon Investment Advisors?

A: Typically we review a new client’s portfolio after the first 3 months and then have client reviews every 6 months afterwards.  The frequency of reviews vary depending on the clients desire.

Q: What would happen to my investment portfolio if Kraematon Investment Advisors were to go out of business?

A: Your assets are held at Fidelity so the financial stability of Kraematon has absolutely no bearing on your investment account.

Q: How frequently can clients be updated on their accounts?

A: The client can view their account on-line at on a daily basis.  They will receive a monthly statement from Fidelity Investments.  Clients will also receive comprehensive portfolio reviews from Kraematon Investment Advisors approximately every 6 months.

Q: Does Kraematon Investment Advisors consult with their clients before making trades?

A:  Our Advisory Agreement requires clients to grant KIA discretion over their accounts.  Therefore our advisors can trade this account.  If the client wants to be notified before trading, we will honor that request.